Labyrinth-01. Five wood species were used to create this design called Labyrinth. The "star" is made from Walnut & Mahogany. The "field" is made from Maple. The interlocking squares are made from Purple Heart & Wenge.

StLouisStar-01. Made from Walnut and Maple. Frame is Mahogany.

QuiltPatA-02. Made from Walnut, Mahogany & Maple. Frame is Purple Heart.

Russian Cutting Board

Huston Star" made with five wood species: Walnut, Mahogany, Purple Heart, Wenge and Maple.

by Don Davis

Made with Purple Heart and Maple. Frame is Wenge.


by Don Davis

Cut out on Scroll Saw - White Oak

Ringmaster in four steps - White Oak

  by Larry Smith

     Corian Bowl

  by Joan Bartosiewicz

Living Room Art...
Measures 48" x 33" and made from Wenge & Mahogany. The frame is Paduk. How many geometric shapes can you see?

Barn Door...
Wood used: Wenge, Walnut, Mahogany, Paduk, Hard Maple, Bird's Eye Maple. The "art" in the door can be seen from both sides of the door.