(Revised April 16, 2018) 


1.  The normal shop hours shall be 8 AM to 3:30 pm Monday through Saturday. The shop will never be open unless there is a Monitor on duty. The Monitor will comply with published monitor procedures. Current membership badges must be worn at all times. Anyone entering the shop after hours or removing any shop tools or equipment without the express permission of a Board member will be suspended or removed from membership. This does not include tools being used for special projects outside of the shop. The person in charge of the project shall be responsible to sign out those particular tools and sign them back in. Emergency changes may be made in the normal shop hours by order of the president. Other temporary changes may be made by vote of the Board of Directors.


2. The Monitor on duty is the official representative of the Association and the Sawdust Engineers and as such has full charge of the shop. He must be obeyed. If a member using the shop is out of line either with improper use of the equipment or improper conduct, the monitor may ask him/her to correct their actions or leave the shop. The monitor will note their name and turn it in to a board member. This is primarily for the safety of all concerned.


3.  There must be at least 2 people in the shop to operate any machinery.


4.  Shop rules will at all times conform to the safety rules as posted.


5.  Should anyone be unfamiliar with a machine to be used, he/she should so advise the shop Monitor who will direct him/her to a qualified member for assistance and instruction.


6.  Materials not permitted to be used in various machines:

•   No used wood is to be run through a woodworking machine without approval of the Monitor

•   Sanding belt and disks must not be used on plastics or for paint removal.

•   No used, wet, painted or wood with nails or plastic shall be cut on the Saw Stop saws.


7.  After using any machine the user shall:

•   Reset the machine to the original settings

•   Clean the machine and surrounding floor area

•   Replace tools to their proper place

•   Report to the Monitor any inadvertent damage to tools or machinery so they can be taken out of service until repaired. Do not attempt to repair yourself


8. Members shall not store any wood, unfinished or finished projects on the surface of any worktable unless working on it for a minimum of three hours on contiguous days. Project materials may be left for up to 30 days in a designated storage area as space permits.  All projects left in the shop must be identified with the member’s name, phone number and date stored. Glued projects should be similarly identified and may be left to dry in the designated area. Any items which are not properly identified or which exceed the storage time limit may be removed. The Sawdust Engineers is not responsible for the security of members’ stored material or project.


9. All materials and supplies in the shop are for the use on charity & school projects, sale items and projects anticipating a donation.  No lumber is to be use for personal projects unless paid for in advance.  Members are permitted to use miscellaneous screws, glue, nails, staples etc. on their personal projects.  Anyone using shop lumber on their personal projects will be suspended.


10. It is the policy of the Association and the Board that the facilities of the Sawdust Engineers are not to be used for making or repairing articles by individuals for their personal financial gain. Anyone using the shop and or materials as a contractor or sub-contractor for financial gain will be barred from the club.



11. Painting within the facilities of the Sawdust Engineers can only be done in the Paint Room with the exception of projects too large for the paint room. Painting in the Paint Room can only be done for projects of the Sawdust Engineers as a group, not for personal projects of individual Sawdust Engineer members. Painting and finishing must be done by paint room personnel with exceptions. These exceptions require the approval of the president of the Board of Directors or the paint room supervisor or designate. Spray painting is not permitted in the Paint Room, Assembly Room or Machine Shop Area. A slip, which is provided, must be completed for all projects left in the paint room for finishing.  Name, telephone number and type of finish desired must be indicated.  Painting of personal projects can be done outside in the alley between the shop and the lap pool.   Painting must be done on cardboard to save the paint area and to maintain the top.


12. Members must sign in upon entering the shop and sign out when leaving. They should fill in their CA Number, Name, Date, Time In and Time Out.


13. Proper Shop Safety Practices:

•   Short sleeve shirts should be worn or sleeves should be rolled above the elbow when working with power tools

•   Loose hanging jewelry should not be worn. 

•   Closed shoes should be worn when working in the shop; no sandals are allowed.

•   It is recommended that safety glasses and hearing protection be worn when working with power tools.

•   Safety equipment shall not be removed or disabled from any machine.


14. Glued projects held with clamps must include a slip with name, date, time of gluing even if you are in the shop so that other members may know when they can take the clamps off in needed. Clamps may be removed after 4 hours.


15. Paint room personnel exclusively volunteering to paint are not required to become a member of the Sawdust Engineers. 


16.  Members may not monopolize bench space for personal projects.


17. All portable noisy projects should be done in the machine room (jig sawing, skill saw, router tool, etc.).


18. If a machine is broken, contact the monitor and ask him/her to:

•   place an “out of order” tag on the machine

•   disconnect the power source for the machine                                                                                                    



19.  Only “Authorized Persons” are allowed to repair machines.  This includes changing saw blades on any table saw, miter saw, radial arm saw and band saw.  This excludes jig saws and scroll saws.  Anyone may change to a dado blade unit, but the dado blade unit is only allowed on the Grizzly table saw, never on a SawStop Machine.  No one is allowed to replace/repair drive belts or electrical equipment on any machine.


20.  It is everyone’s responsibility to clean up, sweep up the equipment and shop floor and to put away any tools or supplies that they have used.  Monitors are responsible to see that the shop is kept in a clean and orderly manner, they are not responsible to clean up after other members.


21.  There will be a $5 charge to replace a lost badge.  A defective badge will be replaced for free as long as it is turned in for the new badge.


22.       SawStop use.

            When a member causes a blade and cartridge to fail, the member will be responsible for that repair. If the factory does not charge the club for the replacement, then there is no charge to the member.